Our Leaders

Born and raised in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward, Dr. Rivers Renard Glover, I. received God’s divine plan at the ripe age of 18. The LORD called him to Preach the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ. His personal ministry is conducted as God has shown him, which makes him a visionary as well as a church planter. Dr. Glover is a preacher that is “real” to the ministry, reaching people where they are, on their level. He presents the Gospel to all men, women, boys and girls, no matter the race or nationality or socio-economic status. God uses Dr. Glover to share his experience and circumstances as a testament to what God can do.

Pastoral Experience

Dr. Glover was licensed to preach September 30, 1984 and ordained to Pastor on September 30, 1986.

Dr. Glover's Pastoral Experience includes: founder and Pastor of New Direction Baptist Church, Houston, Texas; Assistant Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Of Christ, Houston, Texas; Pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Wharton, Texas; and currently Founder and Pastor of the Graceland Community Church in Stafford, Texas.

Educational Experience

Dr. Glover attended Jack Yates Senior High School, Houston Community College, Union Baptist College and Seminary, and Texas Southern University where he received his Bachelor of Sociology Degree with a Minor in Psychology. He also attended Andersonville Theological Seminary where he received his Bachelor in Religion (Suma um Laude) and his Master in Theology (Magna Cum Laude). Most recently he received his Doctorate from St Thomas Christian College Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington where he received Doctor of Ministry.

Christian Objectives

† To allow the Lord to use me as He will to feed HIS flock. (Matthew 10:11-18)

† To help God's people in whatever situation that may arise. To preach the Good News of Jesus

† Christ in as many places as HE, would allow me. (Romans 1:16)

† To Shepherd the Lord's Flock and watch over their souls, and help to grow spiritually.

Lady Brenda K. Glover

“Lady BK Glover”

Lady B.K. Glover is well known for her sweet spirit and her willingness to serve God in every capacity possible. She is a leader who knows that the true meaning of living a righteous life is to seek God not just through your prayer life, but also as an example for others to follow. She works diligently in the service of the Lord with her husband, Dr. Rivers R. Glover, I. She is a mother of 12 children and 18 grandchildren. She is also a nurse, giver and born leader. She serves as the lead servant of the Worthy Women of Grace Ministry at Graceland Community Church. She is a Mighty Woman of Virtue, she is a powerful prayer warrior and also a serves in the following ministries: A- TEAM, Prayer ministry, the Voices of Grace Choir and has never had a problem pulling her sleeves up to work for the LORD. She believes that when you have a true relationship with God it becomes more important than anything and top priority because as servants God should see less of us and more of Him.

Lady B.K. Glover is grateful to God for everyone who has been a blessing in her life, but she is mostly grateful for GOD for placing her in a position to be a helpmeet to a wonderful man of GOD, who is her best friend, her teacher and Pastor. She accredits him for being a wonderful leader, example, and mentor. Under his leadership this Woman of GOD has learned how to walk in the will of God and to accept the plans He has for her. She marches in cadence with her Shepherd and Teacher, “ She just loves Watching GOD Work”